Reliance on volunteers in the arts, heritage, and entertainment varies between smaller and larger provinces
In most provinces, women are a majority of artists but a minority of arts leaders
Women are a huge majority of dancers but a small minority of producers, directors, conductors, and composers

February 2023

One constant: employees in the arts and culture are much more likely to have multiple jobs than other workers in every province
Another indicator of the precarity of cultural workers
Number of organizations, revenues, employment levels, and rural / urban split in each province and territory
The rural share of organizations might be higher than you think…

January 2023

The performing arts remain furthest away from full recovery
Analysis of 2021 census data
But there is a significant shift in the job vacancy rate
2021 census data in context

December 2022

Women are neither fully represented nor equally paid in arts leadership positions, according to my analysis of 2021 census data