Over 5,000 professional artists, with the highest proportion of Indigenous artists among the provinces
Toronto is home to one in every six Canadian artists
With 1,400 professional artists, Saskatoon has the largest number and highest concentration of artists in Saskatchewan
Over 800 of the nearly 4,000 artists in the province reside in rural areas
Over 80,000 professional artists, with high education levels but very low incomes
Nearly 4,000 artists in the province, with incredibly low incomes in 2020
Analysis of recently released 2021 data
In Canada and each province, these workers in the arts, culture, and sports earn less than comparable categories of workers in other parts of the…
Also: The gap between technical workers in the arts and culture and other technical workers varies significantly between the provinces
Exploring mental health statistics in arts, heritage, and entertainment organizations
But there are major differences between the provinces
The moderate job vacancy rate in the broad arts, heritage, and entertainment sector in the fourth quarter of 2022 was still high by longer-term…